Staff Directory

Brad Bugden Manager, Fleet & Generators Maintenance 604.253.5050
Corey Lambert Manager, Commercial and Truck Package Department 604.422.2378
Danielle Romey Rental Desk Supervisor 604.253.5050
Derek Carson Client Services Representative, Commercials 604.253.5050
Ed Brando Manager, Client Services 778.858.3033
Elizabeth Seymour Manager, National Collections 604.422.2372
Emret Jack Rental Inventory Coordinator 604.253.5050
Erica McLean Manager, Client Services Department 604.422.2377
Finn Black Supervisor, Warehouse 604.253.5050
Garin Josey Vice President/GM Vancouver & Assistant Chief Operating Officer 604.417.9421
Jason Bilodeau Manager, Warehouse Operations 604.422.2396
Jeremy Walsh National Director, Rental Maintenance 604.422.2387
Kelly Dale Client Services Representative 604.638.3195
Lea Bailey Coordinator, Client Services & Marketing 604.253.5050
Lisa Jeffery Client Services Representative 604.638.3987
Omar Rizwan Client Services Representative 604.253.5050
Paul Arcus Supervisor Grip / Associate Supervisor, Warehouse 604.253.5050
Paul Roscorla Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer 604.803.9440
Paul Rouleau Manager, Lighting Maintenance 604.253.5050
Philip Corr Client Services Representative 604.436.5050
Rick Newcombe Shipper/Receiver 604.253.5050
Steve Dunphy Education & Training Coordinator 604.253.5050
Susan Matheson Client Services Representative, Expendables 604.422.2392
Tammy Forbes Receptionist 604.253.5050
Vince Gnanasegran Client Services Representative 604.253.5050
Chris Harding Expendables/Admin (403) 279-2693
Daniel Braun Operations Manager (403) 279-2693
Randy Ross Dolly & Crane Maintenance (403) 279-2693
Rik Milner Lighting & Grip CSR (403) 279-2693
Sean Toner Assistant General Manager/Lighting & Grip Rentals (403) 279-2693
Craig Aftanas Manager, Operations 204.774.7903
Craig Aftanas Manager, Operations 204.774.7903
Michael Drabot Business Consultant, General Manager, Winnipeg 204.774.7903
Sandra Simoes Manager, Administration 204.774.7903
Alex Moscall Associate, Specialty Equipment 416.239.5050
Alexander Munroe Marketing Coordinator 416.239.5050
Allison Spicer Director, Human Resources 416.847.8345
Andrew Simpson Client Services Representative, Lighting & Grip 416.847.8335
Anna Popio Manager, Client Services 416.207.3826
Anthony Baldwin Accounts Receivable Officer 416.239.5050
Ashley Christie Coordinator, Expendables/Retail Sales 416.239.5050
Benjamin Quito Manager, Information Technology 416.239.5050
Brandon Cooper Director, Client Services & Operations, Whites Camera 416.239.5050
Brandon Morin Education & Training Coordinator 416.239.5050
Brendan Ward Manager, Warehouse Operations/Assistant to the General Manager 416.847.8338
Brian Black Technician, Specialty Equipment 416.239.5050
Brian McMahan Rental Desk Coordinator 416.239.5050
Bruce Dale National Manager, Education and Training 416.207.2753
Chris McHugh Payroll Supervisor 416.239.5050
Cindy Lazaridis Assistant Commercial Manager 416.207.2762
David Hardy Vice President, Industry/Government Relations & Sustainability 416.207.2751
Deokie Lazarus Long Format Accounts 416.847.8342
Derek Reneau Manager, Maintenance/Assistant to the General Manager 416.239.5050
Dhiresh Sheth Systems Analyst 416.239.5050
Evelyn Pacheco Office Coordinator 416.239.5050
Glenn Simmonds Client Services Representative, Specialty Equipment 416.207.2759
Greg Jeffs CSR, Emerging Filmmakers/Digital Content Creators 416.239.5050
Jeff Pettit Client Services Representative, Package Trucks 416.207.2052
Jeff Vivian Designer/Fabricator, Specialty Department 416.239.5050
Jennifer Mallette Operations & Rentals Coordinator, Whites Camera 416.239.5050
Jesse Collier Client Services Representative, Lighting and Grip 416.847.8339
Jim Wilson National Inventory Management 416.847.8347
John "Stetz" Sztejnmiler Assistant Manager, Generators 416.847.8346
Jon Lyons Regional Inventory Coordinator 416.239.5050
Jonathan Auriemma Manager, Prep Services & Inventory Control, Whites Camera 416.239.5050
Jonathan Whitt Marketing Coordinator 416.239.5050
Jordan Lombardi Rental Desk Coordinator 416.239.5050
Justin Jackson Client Services Representative, Lighting & Grip 416.239.5050
Kerry Leger Manager, Specialty Equipment 416.207.3824
Lan Lan Senior Corporate Accountant 416.239.5050
Lauren Maggio Manager, Expendables/Retail Sales 416.239.5050
Mahshid Meisami Senior Accounts Payable Officer 416.207.2773
Marie Dunne-Austin Executive Assistant to Chairman/CEO 416.239.5050
Maryanne Malchuk Office Administrator/Client Services Representative, Generators 416.207.3821
Michael Brazeau Senior Camera Technician, Whites Camera 416.239.5050
Michael Darby Senior Remote Head/Aerial Technician 416.239.5050
Michael Szczucinski Assistant Manager, National Inventory 416.239.5050
Michael Yee Director, Finance and Administration 416.239.5050
Mike Harwood National Director, Technical Support & Development 416.207.2764
Mike Legros Manufacturing Supervisor 416.239.5050
Munir Noorbhai Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer 416.207.2766
Paul Bronfman Chairman/CEO 416.239.5050
Ravae Chin Receptionist 416.239.5050
Reid Patterson Client Services Representative, Lighting and Grip 416.847.8340
Rick Perotto Vice President, Business Development 416.207.2051
Rick Wilson Manager, Dolly Maintenance 416.239.5050
Rob Shields Junior Prep Technician/Driver – Whites Camera 416.239.5050
Robert Varga Manager, Client Services 416.239.5050
Roger Playter Manager, Client Services 416.847.8336
Ryan Mann Shipping and Receiving 416.239.5050
Sami Baig National Accounting Manager 416.207.2755
Samrah Saghir Senior Accounts Receivable Officer 416.239.5050
Sheldon Steinbach Maintenance Technician, Theatrical Department 416.239.5050
Steve Matwichuk Senior Optics Technician, Whites Camera 416.239.5050
Tony Baldwin Accounts Receivable Officer 416.239.5050
Tracy Alves Marketing Manager 416.239.5050
Trevor Huys Director, Technical Services & Operations, Whites Camera 416.239.5050
Tricia Martin Manager, National Purchasing 416.207.2761
Henry Townsend Equipment Maintenance Technician 902.450.1284
Matt Lynds Client Services Representative 902.221.5982
Michael Doyle Senior Technician 902.450.1284
Trevor Sutherland Manager, Lighting and Grip Rentals 902.476.1844
Josh Desormeaux Lighting and Grip Rentals Coordinator 705-885-1242
Robert Varga Manager, Client Services 416.239.5050

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