Whites Live Events

Welcome to Whites Live Events! 

We’re a brand new national department specifically dedicated to fostering excellence in live event production. Through providing specialized equipment and service, Whites Live Events ensures top-quality production values aimed at enhancing both the audience and live broadcast experience.

With Whites’ signature expertise and relationships within the Canadian entertainment industry, Whites Live Events prides itself in providing innovative technical production solutions to all of our clients across the country.

Whites Live Events caters to Live Sporting Events, Concerts, Festivals and Awards Shows across Canada.

Our department will coordinate and utilize all of Whites’ comprehensive live event gear, which includes offerings from our Speciality Equipment department along with sister companies, Whites Location Equipment Supply Inc. (Whites LES) and Whites Telescopic Camera Cranes Ltd. (Whites TCC). 

For more information, please contact our Vice President, Live Events, Steve Morrisson at smorrisson@whites.com or give us a call at (647) 444-5455.  


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