2012 Whites-WIFT Mentorshop Winner Monica Cote Blogs On Her Experience at Whites

My time at Whites is coming to an end and it's been a fantastic experience. I've been welcomed by everyone, and there's a genuine enthusiasm from each department to teach me everything!

I might be suffering from information overload, but I absolutely love it.

People have been tracking me down in other departments to invite me back for "one more thing". Rick in Dollies has brought me back three times so far and even opened up a Fisher 10 so I could have a look at the inside. The Whites crew have started up generators so I could hear noise levels, set up jib arms and remote heads so I could test them and let me fix the wiring on a Redhead. I've even received my very own pair of Whites' work gloves.

Bruce Dale has gone above-and-beyond to shepherd me from department to department. He always takes the time to customize my experience to suit my own interests.

I'm not sure I want to leave.

Today I'm off to visit two busy working Production Managers out in the field. It's very exciting! Tomorrow is my last half day- basically just a debrief. Although if there's time, I might pop over to Cables for one last lesson...

My thanks to the entire Whites' team for this wonderful opportunity to become part of your extended "family". It's been a priceless chance to learn so much more about our industry, information that I can apply to all my future jobs in Production Management.

Do or do not do, there is no try - Yoda

William F. White Production Manager Mentorship 2011 Winner: Corinne Herman

William F. White Production Manager Mentorship

The William F. White Production Manager Mentorship proved to be even more valuable than I could have imagined.

A day in Remote Heads and Cranes was a very cool experience.  Learning from the RHC team helped me feel more confident and informed.  My time spent with Commercials was really helpful in terms of seeing which packages are the most appropriate for the different kinds of shoots, and what I can expect to need and do as a Production Manager.

I received a full tutorial on lighting and grip gear, dollies and everything in between.  Brian (Dugan) was an excellent teacher and I learned more in three days than in the past five years working in production!

I met with PM Anna Beben who gave me insight and advice on building my independent career.  A few weeks after the Mentorship, (Anna) got in touch with me about an opportunity with the supervising producer of a TV series in production.

This Mentorship was a fantastic opportunity for so many reasons- I was able to learn about so many aspects of Production Management from the most qualified people in the business, and the connections I made through Whites will benefit me throughout my career.  A big thank you to everyone at WIFT-Toronto and William F. White.


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