Workshops, Seminars, and Events

We host several workshops, seminars, and events all focused on different equipment and production topics. Some sessions are developed and mounted in cooperation with other organizations, while some are solely a Whites’ initiative. We value the support and collaborations received from the Canadian film industry.

Our instructors are industry professionals who possess a wide variety of expertise, knowledge, and practical experiences. Combined with our equipment resources and industry contacts, we believe our initiatives will leave behind a malleable positive impression on any participant.

Please, see below for a list of what we offer.

An exciting two-day, hands-on workshop that teaches important on-set electric and grip safety practices while working with Whites' vast inventory of lighting and grip equipment.  Day 1 focuses on grip where participants learn about different load forces, temporary installations, knot tying, and more.  Day 2 focuses on lighting and teaches some fundamentals of cable and distribution systems to working with different lighting fixtures and much more.  Our new web-based app, Whites Toolbelt is used as a teaching aid throughout the workshop!

Date: October 18th & 19th, 2017

Cost:  $180.00/person (tax included)

Lunch provided

A one-day interactive and engaging workshop focused on leadership development for the film/television industry.  It’s ideal for anyone who may take on a leadership role in any stage of production, i.e. Producers, Writers, Directors, Technicians, Cinematographers, etc.  Topics include leadership philosophy, team and trust building, communication, goal setting, and methods for conflict resolution.  The workshop is discussion and activity based which allows participants to share ideas and learn from each other in a safe and supportive environment.

Date: Fall 2017 TBA

Cost:  $75.00/person (tax included)

Refreshments provided

An informative, in-depth two-day seminar about entertainment industry generators and associated electrical safety practices.  Topics include engine alternators, grounding, bonding, operations, temporary power sources, electrical distribution systems, transformer theory and more.  Our seminar is recognized by both IATSE 873 and NABET 700 as a reliable training source for their professional technicians.  A wallet card acknowledging the acquired knowledge is given to every participant upon completion of both days.

Date: November 25th & 26th, 2017

Cost:  $200.00/person (tax included)

Lunch provided

An informative and practical one-day workshop that teaches fundamental concepts associated with dimming and control systems.  Learn about everything from DMX protocol, to Image 85 control set up, to interactions with HMI lights and more.  Our new web-based app, Whites Toolbelt is used as a teaching aid throughout the workshop!

Date: November 7th, 2017

Cost:  $95.00/person (tax included)

Lunch provided

William F. White International supports and helps sponsor education and training initiatives in cooperation with other organizations:

EESCO Electrical Training Modules

WIFT Production Manager Mentorship!event-register/2016/1/13/call-opens-william-f-white-production-manager-mentorship

Canadian Society of Cinematographers Lighting Workshops

IATSE 873 Training Initiatives

NABET 700 Training Initiatives

We’re in development on several new workshops, seminars, and events. Stay tuned as things develop!


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