Production Credits

Production Studio Location Year
Asphalt Canyons Front Street / Ion Network Vancouver, BC 2010 IMDb
Assassination Of Jesse James Warner Bros. Calgary, AB 2007 IMDb
Assault and Matrimony Northstar International Studios Manitoba 1987 IMDb
Assault On Precinct 13 Focus Toronto, ON 2005 IMDb
Astronaut & Son Astronaut & Son Productions Inc. (Disney) Manitoba
Asylum Alberta Filmworks Calgary, AB
At Home in Mitford Independent Vancouver, BC 2017
At Risk Lifetime Toronto, ON 2010 IMDb
A-Team 20th Century Fox Vancouver, BC 2010 IMDb
Atomic Dog MEC Atomic Prods. L.P. Calgary, AB 1998 IMDb
Audience Of Chairs David Anselmo Sudbury, ON 2017
August Stories Independent Vancouver. BC 2016
Auntie Claus ABC Family Network Vancouver, BC
Autumn Harvest Lighthouse Pictures Vancouver, BC 2016
Autumn in the Vineyeard Lighthouse Pictures Vancouver, BC 2016
Aviator Miramax Winnipeg, MB 2004 IMDb
Ayoye Telefiction Montréal, PQ 2001 IMDb
B Team, The CBC/Buffalo Gals Winnipeg, MB 2009 IMDb
Baby 2000 Vancouver, BC
Baby Oh Baby Pebblehut Toronto, ON
Baby Sellers Reunion Pictures Vancouver, BC 2013 IMDb
Bachelor Canada, The Force Four Productions Vancouver, BC 2012 IMDb
Bachelor, The ABC Network Vancouver, BC 2012 IMDb
Back CBS Toronto, ON 2009 IMDb
Back in Black City Lights Productions Inc. Vancouver, BC
Back to Christmas Inferno Pictures/Hallmark Winnipeg, MB 2016
Back When We Were Grownups HBO Winnipeg, MB 2004 IMDb
Backcountry Independent Sudbury, ON 2015 IMDb
Backfire Independent Vancouver, BC 1988 IMDb
Backfire Bell Productions Inc. For ITC Manitoba
Backstabbing for Beginners Independent Toronto, ON 2016 IMDb
Backstrom Fox Television Vancouver, BC 2015 IMDb
Bad As I Wanna Be Pebblehut Toronto, ON 1998 IMDb
Bad City Independent Vancouver, BC 2013
Bad Date Chronicles Lighthouse Pictures Vancouver, BC 2016
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