Production Credits

Production Studio Location Year
Doctor Who Vancouver, BC 2011 IMDb
Possible World Montréal, PQ 2010 IMDb
Traveler, The Vancouver, BC 2010 IMDb
X-Files, The Vancouver, BC 2008 IMDb
Afghan Nights Vancouver, BC 2007 IMDb
Walk All Over Me Vancouver, BC 2007 IMDb
Alice I Think Vancouver, BC 2006 IMDb
Artificial Lies Montréal, PQ 2005 IMDb
Bewitched Winnipeg, MB 2005 IMDb
Cold Squad Vancouver, BC 2005 IMDb
Fun With Dick And Jane Winnipeg, MB 2005 IMDb
Perfect Note, A Vancouver, BC 2005 IMDb
Slatlands Vancouver, BC 2005 IMDb
Tilt Vancouver, BC 2005 IMDb
Cradle Will Fall Vancouver, BC 2004 IMDb
Insider, The Winnipeg, MB 2004 IMDb
Largo Winch Montréal, PQ 2003 IMDb
Fortier (Season 1) Montréal, PQ 2001 IMDb
Hey Happy Vancouver, BC 2001 IMDb
House of Luk Ottawa, ON 2001 IMDb
Woman's A Hulluva Thing, A Toronto, ON 2001 IMDb
Courage of Love, The (aka Quadroon Ball) Montréal, PQ 2000 IMDb
Dancer, The Montréal, PQ 2000 IMDb
Desire Vancouver, BC 2000 IMDb
Feeling Called Glory, A Vancouver, BC 2000 IMDb
Island Of The Dead Montréal, PQ 2000 IMDb
Last Stand (aka City of Fear) Vancouver, BC 2000 IMDb
Law of Enclosures Vancouver, BC 2000 IMDb
Maelstrom Montréal, PQ 2000 IMDb
Méchant Party Montréal, PQ 2000 IMDb
Party of Five Vancouver, BC 2000 IMDb
Tag Montréal, PQ 2000 IMDb
Task Force: Caviar Montréal, PQ 2000 IMDb
Tohu-Bohu Montréal, PQ 2000 IMDb
Boondock Saints 1 Toronto, ON 1999 IMDb
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